How to stop Condensation in a Damp Shipping Container

Many shipping containers, and indeed storage containers used for the long-term storage or transportation of goods and cargo, suffer from container damp and moisture problems including condensation – commonly known as container rain or cargo sweat.

Like it or not, the consequence of storage and shipping container damp is quite often costly damage to goods from mould, fungus, odour, discolouration, rust and packaging breakdown.

What causes condensation in shipping containers?

Humidity and extreme temperature changes in a storage or shipping container can result in moisture droplets and condensation forming, often known as cargo sweat. These moisture droplets then fall onto goods, commonly known as container rain, which can damage and ruin the goods in transit or storage.

How to keep damp shipping containers dry…

Although there are many quick fixes to absorb moisture and condensation found in shipping containers, most of them do not prevent moisture from forming or offer a long-term effective solution to the age old problem of how to keep a shipping container dry.

Our desiccant based Aquadry Pole is a discreet, easy-to-use and cost effective preventative of moisture and condensation in shipping and storage containers. The Aquadry Desiccant Pole is a completely sealed single unit that contains anhydrous calcium chloride which is 100% dry at the outset (unlike most, if not all, other inferior container desiccants on the market that contain Di-hydrate calcium chloride which has already used up 30% of its absorption prior to installation), ensuring that 100% of the desiccant is used to absorb the moisture and condensation in the shipping container.

With absorption vents on three sides, once absorbed, the water then pools at the bottom of the pole to guard against spillage, keeping moisture out of the storage or shipping container, stopping condensation and preventing the damage of goods.

Completely REACH and CLP compliant, unlike many other products on the market, our Aquadry pole is hung from lashings in the furrows of the storage or shipping container, without taking up any of the space needed for the storage or transportation of goods in the container.

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