Cargo Sweat & Container Rain Damp Protection for Storage Containers

Using a storage container for container storage is becoming increasingly popular as a cost effective way for storing large quantities of goods and possessions. However, despite many companies’ best efforts to ensure your possessions are protected in their storage containers, unfortunately they’re not always able to completely mitigate all problems, especially damp caused by condensation, commonly known as cargo sweat or container rain, as a consequence of weather conditions that they simply cannot control.

This is due to the very nature of steel storage containers themselves, as damp and moisture can occur when exposed to varying weather conditions, causing mould, rust and potentially a great deal of damage to any possessions inside when the moisture condenses resulting in cargo sweat or container rain.

Container rain and cargo sweat can occur when steel storage containers are exposed to extreme high and low temperatures, which then results in moisture condensation. The condensation droplets, commonly known as container rain, collect on the container walls and ceiling, then drop onto the contents of the storage containers, making them damp, which can cause them to go rusty or mouldy.

If your storage container suffers from damp, and your contents become affected by container rain or cargo sweat, stop it now by simply placing our 100% anhydrous calcium chloride desiccant based Aquadry Pole into the furrows of the steel container to absorb the moisture in the air immediately. The moisture will be collected in our completely sealed Aquadry Pole unit. Our anhydrous desiccant will prevent condensation from forming on your container contents or on the roof of the container, absorbing the moisture in the air, and collecting the water in the pole ensuring that the contents of your storage container remain dry.

You may find that your container storage hire company already stocks our Aquadry Pole – ask them about our product now – we’re sure that they will be able to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively phone 0800 999 4474 for further information or technical support directly from ourselves.