Container Desiccant Suppliers: Anhydrous Calcium Chloride  РAquadry UK

Our industry leading Aquadry Container Desiccant Pole, designed and manufactured using 100% anhydrous calcium chloride, makes us one of the UK’s premier suppliers of moisture absorbing, storage and cargo shipping container desiccant solutions.

As many storage and cargo shipping containers are not airtight, moisture will always be present within them; therefore there will be a continual and likely possibility of moisture damage during any voyage or period of storage. Although checks are usually in place to keep containers watertight from outside sources at the very least, it is often forgotten, or assumed that there is no need for protection from container rain, damp, condensation and moisture inside a storage or cargo shipping container. Our 100% Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Aquadry Desiccant Pole is the leading preventative against condensation and container rain on the market today as it is easy to use, cost effective and does not take up any room in your shipping or cargo storage container.

It is estimated that up to 20% of cargo can be damaged in any one shipping container as a direct result of condensation and cargo sweat. Therefore, using an anhydrous desiccant based product such as the Aquadry Pole to prevent moisture and container rain is incredibly important for the protection of goods. Our anhydrous desiccant pole will save you the costly and timely process of potentially replacing or refunding rejected products, not to mention the time spent dealing with insurance claims even if you do have cover in place to cover such damage.

Extreme temperature changes in a storage or cargo shipping container can result in moisture and condensation inside containers, often known as cargo sweat or container rain which can result in rust and mould as well as damaged packaging and labelling – far from ideal for those sending or indeed receiving container transported goods. Our Aquadry anhydrous calcium chloride desiccant poles for storage and shipping containers are a quick, and easy cost effective protective container desiccant solution. Don’t believe us? Check out this feature in Warehouse News!